Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie

After 10 years together, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie announced their divorce; but then, you already knew that. The antics of Mr and Mrs Smith have been everywhere in the news, both on and off screen. The soon-to-be-divorcees are firmly in the spotlight as they try to figure out the next phase of their lives, and there’s certainly a lot of figuring out to do, with the couple having to divide their Hollywood fortune and extensively diverse property portfolio.

Over their years together, Brad and Angelina built up an impressive collection of estates worldwide, with their cribs ranging from a French village to a New Orleans mansion. In her divorce documents, Jolie requested ‘additional separate property assets and obligations of the parties’, though she also added that their ‘exact nature and extent… are not presently known’.

Honestly, with a portfolio like this, it is easy to see why they might have lost track.

The couple’s 80,000 square foot Los Angeles property features both a secret cave and a skate park, in addition to four additional houses that complement the superstar mansion. Interestingly, Pitt originally bought the property in the late 90s and has been extending it ever since by buying up surrounding houses and organising additional building work. The property has thus grown in value alongside Pitt himself!

That is not to say Jolie contributed nothing to the shared portfolio. The couple’s £694,000 New York apartment was bought by the actress in 1997. Part of the world-famous Ansonia Building, the property is a historic staple of the city’s Upper West Side. Residents can enjoy its extensive art collection and roof garden, as well as its close proximity to other NYC landmarks, including Central Park.

Given that they met during the production of a movie set in an average suburban household, Brangelina’s incredible property portfolio could be seen as a fitting testament to their immense success. It remains to be seen exactly how the estate will be divided, but with six children to take care of it is unlikely that either star will be scaling down their exorbitant buying habits anytime soon.