Cambridge bus

A Cambridgeshire inventor and his family will be living mortgage free thanks to their “genius” home in a converted double decker bus.

After years spent struggling to save up a deposit for a family home, Rick Hunt decided to try something new. He and wife Amanda bought the retired bus for just £3.6K and began turning it into family living space. 

Although they spent £20K on the conversion, it is estimated that this alternative route to finding a home saved them £300K!

Cambridgeshire bus
Cambridgeshire bus

The family ‘property’ comes with three bedrooms, along with a bathroom, kitchen and dining room. It also features an ever changing view, and the chance to move at the drop of a hat!

The Hunts spent over £15K to strip out the old seating and add everything they needed for their new home. The £20,000 conversion also included solar panels, as well as bottled gas to be used for heating.

Cambridgeshire bus

While this may seem like a big enough challenge in itself, Mr Hunt was also determined to make the bus suitable for Amanda, who suffers from mobility issues and uses a wheelchair and mobility frame to get around. 

Hunt’s solution is both touching and highly innovative: as well as adding a retractable ramp, Hunt also added a wheelchair 'monorail' to the bus, along with an elevator to the upper floor.

The project came to the public eye after featuring on Channel 4’s How to Live Mortgage Free. Presenter Sarah Beeny called the bus a “high-tech haven.”

“This is extremely ambitious given the budget, but if anyone will do it, I think it will be you.”