We all like going the extra mile for our pets to make them feel more at home and show them how much they mean to us. We're certainly not afraid of spending money to make it happen, either. 

Of course, there's installing a cat flap and then there's redesigning your entire apartment! This feline friendly flat in Nionohama, Japan, is designed to allow the owners to live harmoniously with their cats.

They even included a cosy kitty hammock!


The owners of the property approached ALTS Design Office with a request to make the flat fit the lifestyle of their family, which happened to include two cats and newborn baby.

The lucky kitties can jump freely around and between the rooms thanks to the floating shelves and planks, while the box cabinets offer plenty of cosy napping spots. This serves a further purpose by adding storage without taking away any floor space, which is an added bonus for a growing family!

And, of course, it also gives the family pets plenty of perches for enjoying what cats do best: looking down on their owners! Purrfect!

Cat flap

Even a non cat lover will find plenty to enjoy here. The flat's abundant natural light works wonderfully with the soft toned timber and white decor that can be found throughout. It makes the home feel bright and open, though this might also be because the owners are now much less likely to have cats getting under their feet!

Another fantastic feature is the generously sized balcony, which grants the owners a perfect view over the beautiful Lake Biwa.