London eye

The Coca Cola London Eye has been one of the most iconic features on the London skyline for nearly 20 years. It’s a must-see for many tourists, but one lucky contest winner will make history today by being the first person in the world to stay the night at the world famous attraction.

Beatriz P, a stylist from Zaragoza in Spain, was announced as the winner of Holiday Lettings’ ‘Eye Spy a Home in the Sky’ competition. As well as a bed for the night, Beatriz and one guest will also enjoy a complimentary dinner, champagne and panoramic views of one of the most recognisable cities in the world.

London eye

“I’ll be turning 41 in two days and this is the best birthday present ever!” said Beatriz.

Amazingly, this once in a lifetime trip will be Beatriz’s first trip to London. To give you an idea of her luck, a two guest room at the nearby London Marriott Hotel on Westminster Bridge Road would cost at least around £250 a night.

She will also be bringing her teenage son along as a guest.

“He is the love of my life and the best company that I can have there. Also, he will really enjoy the trip.”

The Pod, which will sit on top of the attraction for the night, was decorated by Wayfair, an online home goods retailer. The company went all out, wallpapering and furnishing the pod and even decorating it with classy accessories to turn it form a tourist trap into an attractive hotel room for two.

"At Wayfair, we offer millions of home products across all styles and budgets to make it possible for anyone to bring their unique vision of home to life," said Nadia McCowan Hill, Style Expert at Wayfair UK. "We are delighted to partner with TripAdvisor Rentals to create a first-of-its-kind space in the sky. Our design team at Wayfair forecasted that tropical greenery would be a big trend for home décor in 2017, so it made perfect sense to bring this lush look to life, transforming one of the Coca-Cola London Eye capsules into an exotic getaway."

Looking at the pod, the transformation is almost unbelievable. With lush green plants, trailing fairy lights and tropical wallpaper the pod almost seems like a floating city jungle. Even with the bed, there is enough room for two comfortable seating areas where Beatriz will be able to take in world famous sights like the Houses of Parliament.

Beatriz will be able to enter the winning pod at a time before the attraction actually closes, so she may have to dodge jealous gazes from fellow tourists! Luckily, the Eye itself will remain staffed throughout the night, in case the winners need to stretch their legs or use the bathroom.

Following their stay, Beatriz and her son will enjoy three nights at a London rental.