Medieval semi

A couple has spent a year converting their semi-detached house into a fairytale castle.

Martin and Jayne Townley moved to Somerset last year and immediately began transforming their new home. While the front may appear unassuming, the back of the house looks like something straight out of a story book.

The property’s paint job, which was done by artist Martin D'Arcy, gives the external rendering the appearance of a stone fortress, complete with a ‘skyline’ below the guttering. The look is topped off with the addition of archways over the windows, medieval banners and a line of flags.

Medieval semi

"We've tried to make it as authentic as possible,” said Mrs Townley.

The house certainly looks authentic, even down to the wooden pillory in the garden! 

This authenticity does not let off as we head inside: D’Arcy’s design continue throughout the house, with faintly orange ‘stone’ walls that seem illuminated by some invisible open fire. 

Carefully chosen accessories help to complete the picture, including regal purple drapes, swords on the wall and even golden goblets, which Martin, Jayne and their two children use to the sound of lute music as they sit at their pint-sized banqueting table.

Medieval semi
Medieval semi

"Rather than just having medieval-style ornaments and pictures on the wall, we've painted whole rooms so they actually feel medieval,” Jayne continued.

"I have so many ideas in my head, I never know what's going to pop out next."

Martin and Jayne would certainly be at home in an age of knights and wizards: Martin, who also goes by ‘Lord Martin of Weston’, holds the UK amateur title for jousting, while Jayne is a professional magician. 

Martin’s personal jousting shield naturally has pride of place in their dining room. 

Medieval semi
Medieval semi

The two had a real passion for their project and played a huge personal role in bringing their vision to life, rather than relying overly on local tradesmen or newly sourced items.

"I come across a lot of this stuff online or in charity shops.” admitted Jayne.

"I don't spend a lot of money on anything in particular - I find things and adapt them to fit the house."

The project has been met with a highly positive response: Neighbour Graham Millichap called the house “incredible” and “absolutely lovely”, and the Townleys are even considering holding open day tours at their property to raise money for Ataxia UK.

Mr D’Arcy admitted that he considered himself “very, very lucky” to have clients like Martin and Jayne.