Dela Alli property

If you managed to get a job earning £5m a year at age 20, would you spend time thinking about what to do with your future?

With an incredible Premiership record, and after cutting Chelsea’s winning streak short last week, 20 year old Spurs midfielder, Dele Alli, has the world at his fingertips. There are even talks about a new contract with European giants Real Madrid. 

As a young star, it was only a matter of time before Alli appeared in the news for buying some stunning mansion. Alli has done just that, but he’s been treating property differently than your average footballer. As the director of his own company, he has plans to build himself an empire.

“Dele is being clever and wants to make sure that he has a series of investments which will continue to grow well beyond his football career,” a source told The Sun.

“He should have many, many more years at the top but you never know what is around the corner and even though he is a wealthy young man, investing in property is never a bad move.”

Dele’s first property is a £2.25m five bedroom mansion in an exclusive community in Elstree, Hertfordshire. The mansion itself offers a cinema room, wine cellar, private gym and an underground garage.

According to estate agency Statons, the house has “sensational and unrivalled views of Radlett Park golf course and rolling countryside.”

As of September, the young Alli is earning an estimated £55,000 a week with Tottenham Hotspur. With the average cost of a house in the UK now sitting at £272,000, Alli could afford an average home every 6 weeks!

In addition to a relatively short commute to Tottenham’s home ground, Elstree has a lot to make it attractive for a young property investor. According to Zoopla, property values in Elstree increased by 6.62% in the last 12 months, and as commuter areas are continuing to grow in popularity and value, it would seem that Alli’s first investment is likely to make a tidy profit over time.

Alli founded his company, Future Homes Investment Ltd, in November last year. He is being advised by Alan Hickford, a building firm boss who raised Alli and even accompanied him for the star’s medical with Tottenham. 

Harry Hickford, a fellow footballer who grew up alongside Alli, is living with his adopted brother in the new mansion. He is also listed as Future Homes Investment Ltd’s secretary.

The star reportedly has plans to buy more land in the south of England.