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Dads have a difficult job; one that they don’t always get a lot of credit for. We can often forget to show our dads how much we appreciate them, which makes Father’s Day all the more special.

Growing up, whenever there was something wrong in our house, I’d always run to my Dad. I was fascinated with the number of tools he had, and how he seemed to be able to tackle any old problem “without having to waste money” hiring someone who actually knew what they were doing. 

It’s a parent’s job to stay on top of home maintenance, but it’s not a job that they necessarily look forward to. Needless to say, no dad wants to be stuck doing DIY work on Father’s Day, so why not give yours a break by tackling some jobs around the home on your own?

Here are some common dad DIY tasks that you can get sorted before June 18th!

Rewiring a plug

There was a time when not knowing how to rewire a plug was pretty embarrassing for a dad. While people these days are far less DIY savvy than they used to be, learning how to rewire a plug is fairly simple, as long as you know how to turn a screwdriver.

If you really wanted to impress your dad for June 18th, you could consider changing the plug sockets in your home new USB plug sockets. However, this is a step above rewiring a plug, and so if you do not have much experience with electrical work you may want to hire an electrician for this job instead.

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Unblocking a sink

Despite what your dad might have taught you, unblocking a sink usually takes a bit more than elbow grease and brute force. While particularly troublesome blockages should be handled by a plumber or drainage specialist, a typical blockage can be handed DIY style, without having to bother daddy dearest.

If you have a towel, some rubber gloves and a spanner handy, you could fix your blocked sink on your own by removing and clearing out the u-bend. It's a simple job, as long as you're not too squeamish that is!

Father's Day diy plumbing blocked sink.jpg

Planing a door

Having to remove and plane a door is a task that nobody looks forward to. It can be a huge hassle just to set things up for a job like this, and if you do not happen to have a power sander lying around then actually planing the door can be a big strain. 

In other words, it's not something that your dad will want to tackle on June 18th!

Door planing would usually be handled by a carpenter or handyman, but if you have the tools to hand, as well as a spare pair of hands to help with the door hanging, this is a job that you should have no problem tackling.

DIY father's day door planing handyman.jpg

Assembling flat pack furniture

Flat pack furniture assembly is a job that you either love or hate. No matter how you feel, there's no question of how frustrating it can be, especially if your dad is the type who thinks that instructions are for wimps.

If your family has a flat pack assembly project that's waiting to be done, why not get it sorted on your own? All you need to do is follow the instructions closely, without trying to skip any steps. Of course, if you don't have the time or patience for a job like this, a handyman will be able to handle it for you in no time at all.

DIY father's day flat pack.jpg

Mounting a tv

Imagine relaxing on the sofa, in front of a nice, oversized wall mounted television: doesn't that sound like an ideal Father's Day?

While mounting a TV is not necessarily complicated, it is certainly awkward, especially if it's a job that you want to try tackling on your own. If you have friends or family members on hand to help you lift the television onto its new bracket, then this could be the perfect project to get read for Father's Day. If not, an experienced handyman or appliance installer will be able to get it ready in time.

DIY father's day flatscreen tv.jpg

Creating a man cave!

Creating a man cave for him to enjoy: what better gift could there be to surprise your dad with this Father's Day? 

A man cave can be a space for your dad to enjoy however he wants: oversized snooker table? Excessive footy decor? Fully stocked drinks fridge? How about a flight simulator

If you're struggling for ideas, why not ask the old man himself and make it a project for you both to enjoy together?

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