Ermes Ponti Interior Design

Ermes Ponti is a well-established firm of Italian architects who make bespoke interiors from their own workshop, and offer a highly personalised design service for private houses, boutiques, and even yachts. It’s easy to say you offer a personal service, but how far are most firms willing to go?

One couple who were recommend EP by a friend had their first meeting with them in a pub, where they went through EP’s credentials and made sure they were on the same wavelength, and that the timing worked.

The project focused around bringing together the interior design, architecture, character and interests of the couple, and three main areas of the property: the kitchen with a special cupboard; the wall panelling in the dining room with a small seating area and a niche for the wine in the corner; and most importantly, the bookshelves to divide the dining from the sitting room.

One challenge was harmonising the arts and crafts style of the house with the new concrete extension on the backyard. The solution? A timeless bespoke interior where the furniture is completely dovetailed to the architecture.

For the kitchen and living room they needed to incorporate the couple’s love of cooking and wine. Each unit, for example, is made of marine plywood that is completely water resistant, is the highest quality and normally used just for yachts. Three pull out units were also installed to display their substantial collection of herbs and spices.

To create a space where they can really enjoy their wine they turned a dead corner between the kitchen and dining room into a hand-lacquered niche for the decanter and wine glasses with a wine cellar underneath, a honeycomb effect made of solid wood for bottles above, and a bay window with asymmetrical leather chairs and a small one-leg table in between to create a cosy seating area, with wall panelling made of engraved oak.

Finally, the piece de resistance: the bookshelves, the main requirement of the project. These were positioned between the new extended dining room, and the old-style sitting room. The couple took inspiration from traveling trunks, making each one from a different kind of oak-thermo treated in three different tones to remind the couple of their many travels.  The bookshelves were developed using thin, hand-lacquered sides and oak shelves randomly positioned and overlooking the two rooms.

The result? A very happy couple:

“If you could look into our house right now, you would see me sitting at the bar dreaming about all the memories we will make in this home. I can’t begin to tell you how easy and enjoyable Ermes Ponti have made the process, and we can already feel the craftsmanship, artisanal skill and consideration that has gone into each piece of furniture. ‘Thank you,’ doesn’t come close to how grateful I am for everything that has gone into these beautiful pieces; they are truly special.”