DIY lover Christmas

The run-up to Christmas has begun again, and with it comes the annual shopping spree for the best gifts! However, a common struggle we all face (which grows harder every year) is what presents to buy this time?  

If you’ve got any DIY-enthusiasts in the family, then look no further! We've found the top ten must-have gifts which will guarantee a very Merry Christmas for all DIY-lovers!

From garden helpers to innovative gadgets, we’ve scoured the shops for the best ideas

Stephen Jury, spokesperson for Plentific, said: ‘Whether you are an amateur or an expert in DIY, we’ve found the best gifts to go under the tree this year. From garden helpers to innovative gadgets, we’ve scoured the shops for the best ideas. Whatever your project or hobby, there’s something on this list to suit everyone!’ 

  •  Seeding square

A brilliant idea for those new to gardening or for those trying to make the most of their space! The Seeding Square provides a template showing the best layout and depth for planting vegetable seeds. Being only a square-foot in diameter, it’s ideal for those with smaller gardens or those that need a helping hand to get the most out of their veggie patch. 

Available from £19.99 from 

  •  Husqvarna robot lawnmower

Most of us love the idea of having our own robot, and if you know someone who struggles with the lawn mower, then this is the one for them. Admittedly, it’s not cheap, but this is the bad-boy of robot lawn mowers! It can be controlled via your smartphone and has an onboard GPS system which allows it to map your garden and ensure the best coverage. Cutting-edge technology to say the least!

The Husqvarna Automower 450X is available from £3,000 from

  •  Ring

Why not buy someone a ‘Ring’ this Christmas: a doorbell with a built in intercom and camera that you can operate from your smartphone! As well as the obvious entertainment this offers, this device adds a level of convenience and security to your home, and means you can see who visits even when you’re not in. A brilliant gift for those gadget-addicts!

Available from £159 from

  •  DeWalt cordless combi drill

A classic gift for any handyman! This cordless combi drill comes with its own kit box and LED work light. It has two speed settings and is convenient to use with a rechargeable battery and no wires!

The DeWalt Cordless Combi Drill DCD776C1-GB is available from £86 from B&Q

  •   Marxman marker

As seen on Dragons’ Den; this nifty little product means you will never miss your mark again! Once pushing the marker through the fixing holes, it sprays a non-permanent mark onto the wall, making your drilling easy and accurate! Ideal for those who are fed up with trying to spot the pencil marks! 

The Marxman Green Chalk Non-Permanent Marker is available from £9.95 from

  •  Stanley laser distance measurer

We’re all aware of the fiddliness of traditional tape measures, so why not treat someone to a laser distance measurer this Christmas? As well as having a higher degree of accuracy, these can also measure area and volume, not to mention how much more fun they are to use!

The Stanley TLM 99 Distance Measurer is available from £89.99 from

  •  Luxury milk chocolate tools

Christmas isn’t Christmas without chocolate! What this tool kit lacks in practicality it more than makes up for in flavour; after all, every handyman needs a break! Comes with five tools worth of chocolate. 

Luxury Belgian Chocolate Tool Kit is available from £6.25 from 

  •  Erbauer electric paint spray gun

Not a traditional prezzie to go under the tree, however this is a perfect gift for anyone who struggles with the workload of painting a room. It’s not a huge investment and painting becomes quick and easy with this gadget; it means one person can redecorate in no time! 

The Erbauer ERB561SRG Electric Spray Gun is available from £44.99 from

  •  JCB tool kit

An easy pleaser! You can’t go wrong with this impressive kit which comes with every tool a DIY enthusiast could wish for. From the essential screwdrivers to a hammer and saw, and an attractive tool bag for storage; you’re sure to make someone very happy with this investment!  

The JCB 35 Piece Heavy Duty Tool Kit is available from £63 from B&Q

  •  DIY: know-how with show-how

A brilliant present for those looking to take their first steps in DIY! This book walks you through all kinds of projects step-by-step with clear images and guidance. New homeowners and young adults would find this particularly useful in the New Year!

DIY: Know-how with show-how is available from £25 from Amazon