Nick Knowles has been called a “hero” by fans after he and his team helped a hospital bound patient reunite with her family at home.

DIY SOS returned to our screens on Wednesday night for an episode which saw the team revamping the home of Antonia Payne Chenye, a teenager who suffers from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Because of her illness, which causes her joints to regularly become dislocated, she has been confined to a hospital bed for the last several months.

Knowles and his crew worked on the family home’s entrance and living spaces to allow them to accommodate Antonia’s wheelchair. They also built a new bedroom for her which features a sterile section for taking medication and connecting to oxygen points. The property’s bathroom has also been upgraded with a special remote control shower.


"I absolutely love it,” said Antonia after seeing the changes for the first time. 

Along with Knowles, a former labourer, the team included plasterer Chris Frediani, electrician Billy Byrne, carpenter Mark Millar and home style consultant Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. Hundreds of volunteer builders from the Worcester area also volunteered to help with the project, which has finally allowed Antonia to return home.

"You have given me a new chance at life. I am so grateful. You have changed my life."


Fans of the show were quick to tweet their praises for Knowles and his work: 

A number of fans have gone so far as to recommend Knowles for an MBE. Other winners of the prestigious award have included Olympians, charity campaigners and, of course, British TV stars.