Game of Thrones

Over the last few years, Game of Thrones has transformed into one of the most iconic fantasy series of all time. The multi-award winning books, along with the HBO series, have created an incredible world of unforgettable characters and stories, and with a new season premier on the way, fans are feeling the excitement!

Like any great series, GoT has some truly dedicated fans, including many talented artists and furniture designers. This has led to some impressive ideas for GoT home decor, many of which can make you feel as if you're right there in Westeros, watching out for dragons and wondering when someone will get around to dealing with the army of ice demons.

Customising your property can be a wonderful way to show a real appreciation for your favourite stories; you could have a local painter create a statement wall of your favourite characters or settings, or hire a carpenter to design bespoke furniture for a themed room. You could even create your own unique pieces through upcycling to prove how much of a fan you are for less!

Here are just a few of our favourite home decor ideas inspired by Game of Thrones!

This dragon themed shelf clock is simple yet stylish, with a modern silhouette-like design. Not only does this look fantastic, but it also means that it can give your modern decor a subtle element of fantasy without ruining the overall ambiance!

When you enjoy a series so much that you want to introduce it into your home decor, you do not always need to go overboard. Instead, take the time to consider how well your new piece will fit in with the rest of your furniture and accessories; in an ideal situation, it will complement your current setup rather than sticking out.

Games of Thrones

Wooden boards have something in common with the houses of Westeros: they're strong, sturdy, and if you know what you're doing they are also easy to take advantage of!

This lovely piece of wall art is made from a few old GoT drinks coasters attached to some upcycled wooden boards. This simple and inexpensive combination would look right at home in a GoT fan's bedroom or office.

Games of Thrones

Characters in GoT spend hours looking over maps of Westeros, and with a piece like this so can you!

This wonderful table was hand painted by a true GoT super fan. If you do not have the time to create a piece of your own like this, you could always have a talented local painter make one on your behalf. Be sure to ask to see a candidate's portfolio to see if their style is appropriate before making your hire!

Games of Thrones

The terrifying dragons of GoT might be able to scorch entire cities, but can they help you throw the coolest garden party ever?

This dragon log burner gives us the chills: during use, fire actually comes out of the dragon's mouth! As the piece is made of solid steel, it is also sure to be long lasting.

Of course, making a piece like this on your own is out of the question if you do not have the proper training and materials. You do not want to try building your own, only to end up burning down your property! If you want a piece that truly impresses, bur aren't sure where to look, your best bet will be to take your request to a local furniture specialist.

Games of Thrones

When you want to invite a fantasy world into your home, sometimes it helps to think outside the box. This stunning customised stair bannister makes us feel as if we've been transported to a beautiful fantasy forest, or even an ancient Godswood.

While the skill and attention to detail required to create a piece like this might go beyond the domain of your average upcycler, a carpenter with the right training and background should have no trouble with it.

Games of Thrones

While the fortunes of the various members of the Stark family have varied over the last six seasons, the strength of their dire wolf sigil commands respect across the kingdoms of Westeros. What better way then to show your appreciate for the series than with a set of dire wolf bookends?

What we really like about these pieces is their subtlety.  Even if not everyone will be able to appreciate the meaning behind these bookends, they can still add a healthy dose of class to a room's decor.

Games of Thrones

A custom lamp shade can transform the ambiance of a room. Flick the light switch in here, and you'll instantly find yourself transported to the fantasy forests of Westeros. While this might not be the most practical light in the world, it works perfectly at creating atmosphere. 

One key thing to notice is how well the choice of colour on the walls works with the silhouette to create this fantasy ambiance. When it comes to interior lighting design, you should always think of how each of your options will pair with the rest of your decor!

Games of Thrones

They that the night is dark and full of terrors, but with an iron dragon sconce helping to light your way, that won't be a problem!

The great thing about this piece is that it builds on an accessory which many of us already associate with older properties. While you would not expect to see LED lights in Westeros, a sconce like this certainly would not look out of place, just as it would not in a classic English country home.

Games of Thrones

There are plenty of GoT fans who claim that they would love to have a dire wolf for a pet. While that might be a bit of a stretch, we still love this quaint little twist on every dog owner's favourite garden sign.

This 'Beware of the Direwolf' sign was made with pyrography, also known as 'wood burning'. If you enjoy crafts, it's a great hobby to pick up!

Games of Thrones

Game of Thrones has some truly definitive quotes, from 'Winter is Coming' to 'I Demand a Trial by Combat'. With the success of the HBO series, many of these phrases have gained an almost cult status, right up there with 'Luke, I Am Your Father!'

Even with its simple design, this wooden wall hanging has a strong presence. You can just imagine it lined up alongside other quotes from the series, creating a literal statement wall!

Best Game of Thrones Home Decor Ideas