home improvement spring checklist

With March bringing in some much longed for sunny spells, perhaps it is safe to say that the worst of winter is truly over. Spring is round the corner and with it, new life will burst forth. One place you’ll definitely be able to see this is your garden. As new leaves begin to sprout and trees cease to be bare, one can’t help but to cast their minds to the summer where the garden will once again be in full use. As you countdown to those days however, it’s important to make sure that your garden is ready for those impending scorchers. 

Whether you’re looking forward to entertaining family and friends outside or spending some quality alone time in the warmth, your garden can provide a serene environment for any occasion. Moreover, the sooner you start preparing, the better! Here are some perfect home improvement pointers for readying your garden during the spring:

Get a patio area

With the harshest winter months behind us, we have a warmer climate to look forward to. Once the spring showers have passed, we’re optimistic that we’ll have a wonderful summer if last year’s is anything to go by. Before those showers begin their onslaught however, it’s worth thinking of how you’ll best capitalise on those glorious summer months to come. One way to best soak up as much sun as possible is to invest in a patio area. This means that you’ll have the perfect space outdoors to partake in a spot of solitary reading on a sunny afternoon or to spend a sizzling bank holiday day having a BBQ with the family. A patio provides a versatile space for you to maximise on a splendid summer without having to leave the house. In order for it to get done in time however, it’s best to start looking around for expert landscapers or driveway specialists early.

Thin out the greenery

We’re approaching that time of the year where those with green fingers can once again start attending to their plants. Now that the trees and shrubs in your garden have shed their leaves, this is the perfect time to cut their branches in order to encourage healthy growth. It’s important to cut off any dead or even inward growing branches as these will eventually impair your plants in the long run. Moreover, this process allows for trees and shrubs especially to grow upright. If you are unsure on how to undertake the task, you can always turn to the help of a reputable tree surgeon or gardener.

Repave the driveway

Like the patio area, there is another important outdoor space that can transform the entire house for better or for worse. It is your driveway of course! This is one of the first things that people will see when they approach your house and as such, you’ll want it to look impeccable. You’ll find that many years of constant use will cause your driveway to develop cracks, especially after particularly cruel winters. Moreover, whilst constantly patching up your driveway is a good short term fix, you’ll find that it can only go so far. These easy fixes are more or less temporary and only push back the inevitable driveway repair you may be dreading. In the meantime, your driveway may not look all too appealing as these patches accumulate. Re-paving your driveway then is the perfect solution to increasing the kerb appeal of your house and is also an essential task to carry out if your driveway is in poor condition.

Get started on a conservatory

If you’re looking to get an extension for your house, a conservatory may be the best way to go. This is because a conservatory can be an incredibly versatile space and can be added to any room regardless of its function. Moreover, it’s the perfect way for those missing out on a much needed dose of vitamin D to soak up the sun. On deceptively sunny days where temperatures are still low, a conservatory makes the perfect sun trap so you’ll no longer miss out on getting a sun-kissed glow! It’s also worth investing in underfloor heating as it ensures that your conservatory will be used all year round and not just in the summer. Not only will it ultimately improve the value of your house, you’ll have the perfect spot to admire your newly pruned garden!