Insulate home winter

Winter can seem to last forever if your house is not properly insulated. If you dread getting out of the bed in the mornings, find yourself constantly wearing multiple layers around the house or stay for late nights in the office to take advantage of the heating, then these are the tips for you! They’re quick, inexpensive at less than £75 and will make the coming months much more bearable:

  • Seal the Windows

Run your hand around the edges of the window frames to feel for any major breaches. To make this easier you can carefully hold a match or lighter around the edge and watch the flame for movement. If you find a breeze, you can seal this with some adhesive weatherstrip available in most DIY stores. If you feel the window itself is not sufficient, but do not have the funds to replace them, you can also try insulation film which forms another layer over the glass. Thick, woollen curtains also provide an excellent barrier against the cold. However ensure these do not drape over a radiator to keep your heating effective.

This can be achieved by popping down to your local B&Q store and picking up insulation tape, from £5, and insulation film is available from Amazon for £13. 

  • Bleed the Radiators

You may also want to check your radiator is working to its full capacity. When on, carefully check the exterior temperature of your radiator; if it feels cold in places (particularly towards the top) or makes a drumming sound as it heats, it’s likely that air has built up and needs to be released. Simply locate the valve, usually at the upper right hand side of the radiator, and place a bucket underneath ready to collect excess water. Using the key supplied with the central heating, rotate this valve 90 degrees clockwise and let the air escape for a few seconds. Once water begins to leak out, close and seal the valve again. The radiator should now fully heat! If you cannot find your key, most DIY stores supply these, however, if your radiator has a sealed system you will need to call in a specialist.

Radiator keys are widely available both online and in store; you can pick one up from B&Q for as little as £2. 

  • Reflect the Heat

Place heat reflective aluminium foil behind the radiator. This reflects any heat produced behind the radiator back into the room, rather than losing it into the wall. You can buy specially designed foil for this for a small price, although even everyday kitchen foil will make a difference!   

You can purchase a roll of Heat reflective foil from Screwfix for only £6 per roll.   

  • Place a Rug

Gaps between wooden floorboards can lose a phenomenal amount of heat every winter. Simple as it sounds, placing rugs can make a difference! As well as blocking some of the vents, walking on a rug makes your feet feel warmer which really helps in the cold mornings. In short, you can decorate and insulate! 

Rugs are available at a range of prices depending on size and material, however they can be bought for only £25 from Dunelm.  

  • Block the Chimney

You lose more heat than you think up a chimney. If it’s unused, why not temporarily seal it with a chimney balloon? These take minutes to set up and can last throughout the winter! If you decide to get the fire up and running, they can easily be removed and reused again. Make sure to leave a note that the chimney is blocked so you don’t forget!    

Chimney balloons are not as easy to get hold of, we recommend using Amazon where they are available for £25.