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We interviewed one of our most successful Pros, Amatrix Consulting Engineers, to find out a bit more about the team and the business. During the interview, we spoke to Practice Manager, Hasan Al-Haydar. Here is what he had to say!:

  • Tell me about your business?

Hasan Amatrix

Amatrix Consulting Engineers is a structural engineering practice which takes on a wide range of projects, regardless of size. We base our work on three core principles: quality, time and cost. By balancing these principles, we can ensure that we deliver the highest quality of service and that the customer is always happy.

By looking back and analysing past projects, we recently created a streamlined in-house process to give our clients a short turn-around time. With methods such as these, we aim to promote innovation, particularly through tech. For example, we are currently creating an app to make our business more accessible.

We are currently researching into using renewable materials such as bamboo to support companies in less-economically developed countries

  • What type of jobs have you been doing lately?

Recently, it has mainly been residential projects with clients wanting building control approval.

  • Do you have any interesting stories?

We are currently researching into using renewable materials such as bamboo to support companies in less-economically developed countries. We want to help local communities and charities where our values are linked, and ultimately contribute to a wider community with what we have.

  • Could I get a quote from you about Plentific?

We have been working with Plentific over the last year and would happily recommend them. We have found the in-house team to be particularly helpful and efficient. Most of the home services marketplace is regulated, however Plentific is different thanks to its smart and innovative platform. The Plentific Guarantee also makes it stand out from the competition.

  • How did you get into your trade?

I previously studied Structural Engineering and Construction. Myself and my colleagues noticed our industry was fairly old-fashioned and not taking advantage of the latest tech, so we drove to change this and fill the missing gap in the marketplace. We’re aiming to put confidence back in the industry when we launch our new App as well!

  • What’s been your favourite job?

For me it was a regeneration scheme of a twenty-story tower in Nottingham. The project involved a variety of disciplines as well as structural engineering. It was also a favourite of mine because a made an impact on the community as well as the company.

Another would have to be the recent ‘floating’ project we completed. A recording studio room needed lifting to create more effective sound isolation. We formed a barrier around the structure using sound isolator pads with a reinforced concrete base.

  • What’s the best thing about your job?

The best thing about our job is helping out the community. Every project we take on is a unique puzzle which needs solving and we love the challenge!

  • Is there anything you dislike about your job?

There is nothing particularly bad about the job, however, there is a lack of tech in the industry which can be improved upon which is what we aim to bring to the table

  • What’s your favourite property tv show?

It has to be Grand Designs. There was a particular episode where they built a self-supporting arch around a house. It was interesting as it used forgotten techniques in structural engineering!

  • How do you take your tea?

Our office drinks a variety of tea, my personal favourite being Kenyan Assam tea. We always avoid using milk when on site, however, as you never know how long it’s been out!

If you're interested in Amatrix Consulting Engineers, you can visit their profile on Plentific, or alternatively we can find a local structural engineer for you!