Plentific Lendinvest glasses

Proptech startup Plentific was recently placed on Lendinvest’s ‘Top 25 PropTech Influencers in 2016’. Plentific, along with Co-Founders Cem Savas and Emre Kazan, placed 24th on the exclusive list, which is intended to showcase “the people advancing the use of technology to reinvent the services we rely on in the property industry.”

Lendinvest is one of the UK’s biggest platforms for property lending and investing, having lent over £640m since 2013. This year’s listed winners ranged from app developers, to bloggers, to nationally recognised businesses like Zoopla, a Plentific partner.

“Cem along with Emre Kazan, founded Plentific,” the list reads. “It is a startup helping people to find the perfect professional or local tradesmen for a home service. Cem set up Plentific after realising how difficult it was to find reliable professionals and trusted home improvement tradesmen. He is a former investment banker.”


As well as tallied votes, winners were chosen based on their “level of public contribution to the PropTech space”. They were also judged for their time in the industry, their social media following, their “engagement in debate and opinion around the sector” and their future ambitions.

The top spot went to James Dearsley, “the original PropTech blogger”, with Dan Hughes and Henry Pryor taking second and third respectively.

Dominic Wilson, managing partner of Pi Labs, was ranked 5th overall. Pi Labs is itself an investor in Plentific, having made an investment in the company earlier this year.

Zoopla founder Alex Chesterman ranked 12th on the list. Plentific is a proud partner of Zoopla, having launched its Find a Pro services on Zoopla’s website back in 2015.

To see the full list and details, head over to Lendinvest.