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With the concentration of interest and wealth in London, the UK property market has created some truly odd scenarios. You might ask yourself what kind of era we live in when owning a single-bedroom Chelsea flat is a greater sign of wealth than owning your own mansion!

Still, if you value space and breathtaking surroundings over proximity to a major city, you will not struggle to find some incredible bargains out in the countryside. Take the beautifully restored Rothes Glen House for example: this ‘baronial mansion’ is packed with space and fairytale charm, offering a fantastic opportunity to enjoy nature in the lap of luxury.

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Sitting in the stunning Spey Valley, there is a lot to love about this property even before you take a look inside. The area is perfect for nature lovers, with beautiful surroundings and plenty of opportunities for fishing, bird watching and hunting.

The property itself makes an instant impression. The bulk of the mansion is built around a square central tower that almost makes it seem like a forgotten castle. The drive is lined with cherry trees, while the western side features a terrace with its own fountain and enclosed rose garden.

Rothes Glen House’s period features have been restored throughout, right down to the coat of arms on the neo-Jacobean door piece. Aficionados will also be able to enjoy marble fireplaces, gilded ceilings, stained glass domes and floors covered in fine Italian mosaic tiles.

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The mansion offers 11 bedrooms, an amount that would likely cost you billions in the city. Indeed, with a price tag of £1.1m your alternative in Central London would be a one bedroom flat.

Savills property agent Ruaraidh Ogilvie described the property as “a big house to take on, but a big house in good order”. With all it has to offer, he suggested that a “special style of purchaser” could enjoy it either as a homestead or a business, such as an upmarket hotel. Inverness airport is just an hour’s drive away, giving the mansion real potential as a rural retreat.

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There would certainly be a lot for guests to enjoy. The dining room is quite literally banquet-sized, though the 8 reception rooms should provide plenty of space for a quiet meal or a relaxing evening. The property also features a library (with separate reading room), a gym, smoking room, double garage and even a game larder with a walk-in fridge.

With all that the mansion has to offer, you may wonder why it has been on the market for over a year. It may well be down to the Land and Buildings Transaction Tax, which can add £45,000 to the cost of properties bought in Scotland.

Even so, the combination of space, period features and opportunities to enjoy the outdoors makes Rothes Glen House a rare find.

The property is currently available for £1.1m with Savills estate agents.