Couples home improvements

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we have found out how far love goes in home improvements. Our latest homeowner survey has revealed that more than half of couples make joint decisions when updating their home.

According to the survey:

  • 72% of couples make decisions together when adding a conservatory
  • Extending a room ranked second with 70%
  • 67% of couples make decisions together when choosing their bathroom design 
  • Kitchen design (66%), bedroom design (60%) and interior decor (60%) ranked next on the list

It’s good to see that the majority of couples are making joint decisions when planning home improvements

At the other end of the table we see that:

  • Only 56% of couples make joint decisions when buying kitchen appliances 
  • A mere 55% work together to choose the theme of a room 
  • Garden landscaping (53%), garden decor (50%) and shed design (39%) all sit at the bottom of the table

The top of the table appears to predominantly feature extensions and tasks related to designing a home's main living areas, whilst the lower end concerns outdoor areas. It’s apparent that couples are happy to negotiate when updating the interior of their home, however it’s a different story outside! 

Shed design sits at the bottom of the list with only 39% of couples making joint decisions. More men appear to make the final decision in this area as 57% of male respondents admitted to this.

Aside from shed design, other areas which showed strong cases of one partner making decisions themselves included choosing the theme of a room, which 39% of women have the final say on. 40% of women also admitted to having a great influence over choosing appliances in the kitchen.    

Spokesperson for Plentific, Stephen Jury, said: “It’s interesting to see which areas around the home different partners have more influence over. However, considering the importance of updating the home and the costs involved, it’s good to see that the majority of couples are making joint decisions when planning home improvements.”

From the survey we also found that it is primarily male partners that have the final decisions on negotiating with and booking tradesmen. The number of men that admitted to this was more than double the number of women. 51% of men make the final decision on booking a trade professional, compared to 25% of women. 

It is a similar story with negotiating, as only 24% of women make the final decision here compared to 53% of men. These figures suggest that when it comes to negotiations and booking, it is less likely that two partners will make the decisions as a team.