Nick Knowles DIY SOS cancelled

Nick Knowles, veteran presenter of DIY SOS, has revealed fears that the show could be axed by the end of the year.

Speaking in an interview to promote his new vegan cookbook, ‘Proper Healthy Food’, the star showed real concern that the show could be coming to an end after nearly 20 years on the air.

“We have another six to do at the end of this year and that might be the end of it then,” he said.

Knowles has become a national icon for his work on DIY SOS, which sees him and his team improve the lives of unfortunate families across Britain. He is often joined by volunteers, which in the past have even included princes William and Harry.

He estimated that since first airing in 1999, the show has done £15m worth of work on homes and respite centres for those suffering from disabilities.

However, despite still pulling in over 9m viewers, the show has put a serious physical and financial strain on Knowles and his team, the Mirror Online reported.

“We have to do so many hours outside of what the BBC will allow us. Everyone is knackered at the end of it and we haven’t been told about a recommission for the next series.

“Despite its success, a lot of people are thinking about whether it should go on. DIY SOS is multi-cultural and regional and it gets into some of the more working class areas, which the BBC doesn’t always get into.”

He admitted that staff are already putting in “hundreds of hours outside of the time they are paid.”

“There is no more money available. It becomes more and more difficult to do. There’s less and less staff.”

DIY SOS has gone from fixing DIY disasters to greatly improving the lives of the needy and disabled. Following an episode earlier this year, in which the team’s work allowed a hospital bound patient to reunite with her family at home, fans called for Knowles to be given an MBE.