Blue Peter O2

Builders laying cable beneath the Millennium Dome have accidentally unearthed a Blue Peter time capsule, 33 years before it was due to be dug up.

Long running children’s show Blue Peter has a tradition of burying time capsules filled with treasures of the day so that they can be shared with future viewers. The container was originally buried in 1988 by then-presenters Richard Bacon and Katy Hill. 

“Nobody realised it was the Blue Peter capsule,” a source told the Sun. “The boys thought they'd struck gold.”

In fact, the capsule contained such nostalgic 90s delights as Tellytubby merchandise, a Tamagotchi, a picture of Princess Diana and, of course, a Spice Girls CD.

“They were going at it with anything they could find — hammers, shovels, the lot.

“At one point a bloke in a forklift squished it with the machine's teeth.”

After seeing the news Hill, now a DJ at Heart, wrote on Facebook: 'To '98 & burying a Time Capsule at London's 02 - it was due to be dug up in 2050. Ah - the magic! *NEEDLE SCRATCH* A BUILDER JUST DUG IT UP. Shhhhh... 'Nothing to see here kids - as you were'!

The BBC is apparently planning to rebury the capsule so that it can be opened at its intended time.

“We are looking forward to sharing these memories with viewers and making new ones as we rebury the capsule until 2050,” a BBC spokesman said.

This is not the first time a Blue Peter capsule has been dug up early. The show’s first ever time capsule, buried in 1971, was discovered 7 years early in 1984 by developers. It too was re-buried before being recovered at its intended time in 1991.