Cem and Emre

Propetech company Disrupt Property published a list of the top 20 real estate tech investments of 2016 earlier this week, and Plentific featured as number 16!

The companies considered for this list come from across the globe, with locations of those making the list ranging from San Francisco to Melbourne, London and Singapore. The criteria for selection was based on:

  • Leadership in its category
  • Ability to change the industry
  • Quality and sector knowledge of investor
  • Investment size
Top 20 Tech investment

Our making this list with the smallest investment, second only to DataStreamX with an investment of $456,000, illustrates our growing influence in the home services marketplace. In this list, we have come close to those with much larger investments, such as Opendoor, with a sum of $210 million invested who featured at number 14.

We are being recognised for more than our investment; from the specified criteria, Plentific’s leadership and knowledge in the home services category as well as our contributions and changes to this industry have made a significant influence to our ranking!