Sky Pool

When you can afford to live in a luxury skyscraper, it must feel like you’re on top of the world. One development in Houston, Texas, has taken this idea in a new direction with a plexiglass ‘sky pool’, which gives swimmers a clear view of the street... from 500 feet in the air!

Footage of the Market Square Tower’s sky pool quickly went viral, with viewers shocked to see one brave swimmer stepping out onto the clear bottom of the wading pool. It stretches ten feet past the side of the building, giving swimmers a crystal clear view of the streets below.

Sitting on the building’s 40th floor, the sky pool is built from eight inch thick curved plexiglas, suspended between a pair of concrete cantilevers. Acrophobics will be glad to know that plexiglass has more relative strength than normal glass, even if it happens to be more see through as well!

“Our gorgeous rooftop pool is catching a lot of attention,” reads the Market Square Tower website. “We spent a lot of time on making it a truly unique feature in Texas apartment living.”

Sky Pool

According to the company site, the pool was inspired by another in Dubai. These seemingly gravity defying pools have become a common feature in some of the world's most luxurious skyscraper homes. Planning permission has even been granted for a pool that will connect two buildings at the Embassy Gardens development in Nine Elms, London.

Nine elms

Homebuyers hoping for a chance to swim in the ‘highest pool in Texas’ can rent an apartment at the Market Square Tower starting at $1,805 per month. The ‘East Penthouse’, which is the largest penthouse suite available, is available for a whopping £18,715 per month. Thankfully, it offers its own set of balconies in case you want to take in a view with two dry feet planted firmly on solid ground.

Sky Pool