Star Wars

Most young Star Wars fans would be happy to have their own toy lightsaber or Darth Vader mask, but eight year old Harvey Dunnett got one better: a fully scaled AT-ACT walker in his back garden!

The replica of the Star Wars vehicle was built by plumber and Youtube star Colin Furze, whose other projects have included magnetic shoes, a jet bicycle and an apocalypse bunker.

"Everyone seems to think I'm some some sort of mechanic/engineer person but in reality I'm just a plumber," Furze told the Guardian.

This “ultimate kid’s playhouse” was made to scale using measurements from an AT-AT action figure. It stands 5.5m tall and took around a month for Furze and his team to build.

"The things I make are made with tools that proper engineers would laugh at but I'm proof you don't need an expensive lathe and huge welder to create something amazing.”

“Amazed” is certainly the word we’d use for the look on Harvey’s face when he saw the finished model!

The wooden exterior looks great, but there is more to see inside. The interior contains shelves worth of Star Wars memorabilia, games consoles, nerf gun racks and even switches for moving the AT-ACT’s head and guns. A switch below the structure lowers the entrance stairs, though sadly not to the tune of the ‘Imperial March’.

"Working with eBay UK I've built a huge AT-AT using stuff available from their site and its a monster."

In addition to over 4m subscribers on his Youbtube channel, Furze is also a Guinness World Record holder as the owner of the world’s fastest pram and longest motorbike.