Plumbers Rank above Politicians in Poll on 'Trustworthy' Professions

A recent survey has placed plumbers amongst some of the most trusted professions in the UK. commissioned the survey, in which 2000 adults were asked if they considered 14 different professions to be ‘trustworthy’. According to the results, which were collected by Opinium, 59% of people in the UK consider plumbers to be trustworthy, placing them ahead of lawyers, bankers and politicians.

Members of the police force reached the top of the table with a score of 70%, followed by four trade professions. Plumbers took the number five spot, behind painter/decorators at 63%, electricians at 66% and gardeners at 69%. Builders were found to be the least trusted tradies on the list, earning a score of only 43%.

However, it would seem that as a nation we have far more trust for our tradesmen than for non-blue-collar professionals: lawyers reached a score of just 51%, while only a measly 13% of respondents claimed to trust politicians.

Interestingly, 35-54 year old respondents gave the lowest score to plumbers out of all the surveyed age brackets at just 55%. In contrast, 59% of respondents aged 18-34 claimed to trust plumbers, along with 62% of those over the age of 55. However, Londoners were by far the most trusting towards plumbers, giving them a score of 67%.

We have all heard horror stories about cowboy-tradesmen and, as a result, many of us are less trusting of tradesmen than we might be otherwise. However, finding a ‘trustworthy’ plumber is not just a matter of luck; all it really takes is common sense and a bit of patience!

First of all, never pay cash-in-hand for your services, especially in advance. Establishing a clear payment paper trail will make it far easier to hold your plumber accountable if they turn out to be sketchy. You will also find that well established and legitimate plumbers will have no problems taking payments in this way, while those that insist on being paid in cash are more likely to be untrustworthy.

Secondly, take the time to check a tradesman out before hiring them. Even if you have had a tradie recommended to you by a friend, it is well worth checking to see if they have a website or, at the very least, a legitimate business address. It is also worth asking about their qualifications, as plumbers must have passed an apprenticeship or equivalent industry-recognised qualification in order to practice. 


Finally, remember the magic word: warranty! An established and legitimate tradesman will usually be able to provide a warranty or guarantee for their work in writing. This means that in the event that their handiwork turns out to be sub par, you can expect your tradesman to return and fix things.

Even considering how highly plumbers scored in the table, it may be safe to say that too many of us view them as untrustworthy. Remember, the very best tradesmen are able to find new clients by earning recommendations for their work. Really, the only ones that ever have anything to gain by being untrustworthy are full-blown con artists. They may give their trade a bad name, but if you take the right steps then they are easy to avoid.