Premier League Footballers' Homes

Footballers living in England have some extravagant tastes when it comes to property. It was reported last year that many cannot find anyone wealthy enough to sell their homes to when they move clubs - a bit far flung from the troubles of generation rent, eh? 

Still, we all wonder where we would live if money wasn’t an obstacle, and there is no denying that footballers know how to enjoy their stardom in style. Here are some of our favourite homes owned by football stars in the UK!

  • David Beckham - Beckingham Palace II

Sir David Beckham might have been a bit of a globetrotter during the last few years of his career, but the former England captain has now settled back home in England. After buying his £31.5m Kensington & Chelsea mansion in 2013, it was quickly dubbed ‘Beckingham Palace II’, and it isn’t difficult to see why.

A grade 2 listed building with an impeccably preserved exterior, Beckingham Palace II is actually a luxurious modern family home that Becks have spent millions renovating. The 9000 square foot property features a secret entrance tunnel, 8 bedrooms, two studies and even a dressing room with a runway for fashionista Victoria to enjoy. The former Spice Girls member even had a secret entrance installed in her home office, supposedly for catching her assistants unawares. Luckily, David also has his own man cave.

The property now has an estimated worth of around £42m, and given the current market climate this value is virtually guaranteed to skyrocket over the next few years.

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  • Wayne Rooney - Mansion in Cheshire’s ‘Golden Triangle’

The ‘Golden Triangle’ is made of of Cheshire’s most luxurious villages and estates. It’s the place to be in the county, and counts a number of tv and sports stars among its residents. 

In 2004, budding superstar Wayne Rooney transferred to Manchester United for an unprecedented £25.6m. That same year he moved to the area, knocked down a local 1930s mansion, and began building his own from scratch.

The Man-U captain’s mansion features six en-suite bedrooms as well as a cinema, a sweeping staircase, a fully landscaped garden and even a sports stadium. The property also offers a large indoor pool, complete with a changing room and jacuzzi. A sweeping £30,000 CCTV system was also installed throughout, which really came in handy earlier this year when criminals attempted a raid.

The star’s wealth isn’t just evident in the size of his pad. Rooney’s furniture includes a white leather sofa customised with Swarovski crystals, worth over £10k!

  • Phil Neville - The Cheshire Home With a Great Self-Tribute

Another Manchester star to settle in the Golden Triangle, Phil Neville has certainly had an impressive career. His £4m Cheshire mansion was put up for sale in October 2015, though it has failed to find a buyer.

One of the most distinctive parts of the property is Neville’s personal man cave. The wall is adorned with football jerseys belonging to the likes of David Beckham, Ryan Giggs and even fellow Neville, Gary. What really draws the eye though is Phil’s custom pool table, which features his name and squad number from his time as captain of Everton FC.

The mansion features six bedrooms, a cinema, spa, sauna, pool and an indoor football pitch. It also offers three reception rooms, a modern kitchen, integrated music, video and lighting systems throughout and, of course, a guest room for Gary.

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  • Frank Lampard - The £9000 Per-Month Surrey Pad

Retired as of last year, two time player-of-the-year Frank Lampard was one of the best midfielders in England’s history. In 2004 he purchased a £4m mansion in Surrey’s exclusive and luxurious Blackhills lane. Put up for sale by Lampard in 2012 for a stunning £7m, the Tudor style mansion has failed to attract a buyer.

The mansion, ‘Yaffingales’, features six bedrooms, a three car garage, a sauna, a tennis court and a heated outdoor swimming pool. The property’s two acres of land even features an attractive summer house.

One of the biggest draws to this property is the area. The Daily Mail once called Elmbridge the ‘Beverly Hills of Surrey’, and it’s easy to see why. With a beautiful surrounding countryside, local amenities and a number of sports clubs, it’s a stunning place to feel at home. 

The house is currently being rented at around £9000 a month.

  • Steven Gerrard - The Merseyside Mansion

It’s safe to say that Steven Gerrard’s heart is in Liverpool. During his tenure with LA Galaxy the midfield star told journalists how much he missed the UK. Exactly how much he missed his home turf might not have been clear, until the star pulled a Citizen Kane and started building his own dream home from the ground up!

Gerrard bought the land for £3m a few years ago; though the area offers an attractive local village, a short walk to the beach and a 35 minute commute to Liverpool city centre, what it didn’t offer was a house, and the star has since spent millions building his own.

It features four reception rooms, a two car garage, five bedrooms (not including guest rooms or accommodation for the staff) and an indoor swimming pool.

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  • Harry Kane - A Young Superstar’s Love Nest

The young Tottenham Hotspur star Harry Kane has been in the news recently for ‘only’ earning five figures a week, a lot less than some of his teammates. However, despite his relative impoverishment, the young forward is already on the property ladder.

Kane and his girlfriend Kate Goodland moved back into their London house last year after a period of refurbishment. They were criticised by some for doing away with the property’s red brickwork and terracotta roof in favour of a plastered front and grey slate tiles, though the choice certainly gives the property a more contemporary look. The two also cleared away the house’s former front garden in favour of a brick driveway.

Goodland’s personal touch can be seen at the front of the house, where her and Kane’s names surround a heart drawn in setting concrete. She posted a picture of her work on Instagram, saying “My input at the house today #cantwaittillitsdone.”

The Chingford lad’s future is bright, and there’s no telling where he might set up shop in the future.