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Plentific's latest survey has revealed that nearly half of us do not check the Gas Safe Register when hiring a gas engineer.

In a recent poll that asked whether people in the UK check the credentials of their tradesmen, only 54% of respondents confirmed that they make sure a candidate has “Gas Safety Register Membership” when looking for a gas engineer. Given the damage that an unlicensed engineer can do to a property through poor work, as well as the danger they can put their clients in, these figures are quite appalling.

The Gas Safe Register (GSR) replaced CORGI in 2009 as the official national body for regulating gas engineers. The GSR website states that “all gas engineers must be on the Gas Safe Register” according to the law. Performing gas work without being licensed is punishable with imprisonment.

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“We're the official list of gas engineers who are registered to work safely and legally on boilers, cookers, fires and all other gas appliances.”

The results, taken from a survey of 2001 people over the age of 18, showed that only 54% of the population check that their gas engineers are GSR registered. This figure fell to 48% for adults aged 18-54, but increased to 60% for respondents over the age of 55. Even so, that would still mean that at least ⅖ of people in the UK are happy to leave their homes vulnerable.

When it comes to gas safety in the home, there is no excuse for taking a chance like this. Even a single faulty gas appliance can put a homeowner at risk from deadly (and odourless) carbon monoxide gas, to say nothing of fires or even gas explosions.

Although the GSR regulates tradesmen, it is a homeowner’s responsibility to make sure that their gas pipework, flues and appliances are well maintained. Landlords are legally required to ensure this for their tenants, and must also book an annual gas safety check for each of their properties.

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Luckily, finding a gas safe registered engineer is quite simple. All tradesmen registered with the GSR are required to carry an ID card, which will contain a photo ID, a security hologram, license number and an expiration date. It will also refer specifically to the tradesman’s employer and the back will list the type of work that they are licensed to perform.

Gas Safe Register

When looking for a gas heating engineer, all you need to do is ask for this ID for an assurance that you are in safe hands. As the GSR says, “trust the triangle.”