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Skyscrapers are the architectural wonders of the modern world. Cities compete to offer the largest and most impressive skyscrapers they can, with designers and developers constantly working to reach new and impressive heights.

Being able to live in a luxury skyscraper would put you at the top of the world in more ways than one. Units in some of most affluent skyscrapers around the world are quick to go when they become available, with award winning designs, decorations and amenities drawing in buyers from the very top of the global elite.

Here are some of Plentific's favourite skyscrapers from around the world!

Princess Tower, Dubai

Dubai's skyline is on the rise, with a great number of skyscrapers in development. The Princess Tower was, until recently, the world's tallest residential skyscraper, and while it may have lost its top spot to the Americans, the building's incredible views and luxurious amenities mean that there is still plenty about this structure to admire.

On the penthouse levels, residents benefit from gorgeous open spaces that allow them to enjoy the magnificent view on all sides. Smart home features are installed throughout, along with designer furnishings and fittings that make owners at the Princess feel like royalty.

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Mahanakhon, Bangkok

While it may not be the tallest skyscraper on this list, Bangkok's Mahanakhon stands out from the crowd with an incredible pixelated design. This ribbon of pixels in fact allowed the architects to provide residents with impressive protruding glass balconies, ensuring that their view of the city is as beautiful as the city's view of the tower.

The most affluent residents of this particular high-rise enjoy ample space, comfort and luxury, with room enough for five bedrooms in addition to quarters for a servant. The lucky owner of the master bedrooms each have their own walk-in closets in addition to a 'master bath' ensuite.

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St George Wharf Tower, London

Property in London is a huge businesses, with new luxurious residential developments springing up all over the city centre. Apartments in the St George Wharf Tower can go for over £50m, with the architect having claimed that the tower would “satisfy the most discerning of the world’s rich list”.

The apartments here offer a level of luxury suitable for the global elite. Every apartment has its own 'sky garden' and balcony with opaque glazing, allowing residents to take in the city without having to worry about nosy neighbours. Indeed, security was a big focus here: many of the tower's most expensive units have top of the range fingerprint locks, and residents here can only access their own floors.

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Q1, Queensland

'Queensland Number 1' towers above Australia's stunningly beautiful Golden Coast. Located in the aptly named 'Surfer's Paradise', this hotel-residential building pampers apartment owners with luxurious amenities, including Australia's only beachside observation deck.

Apartments in Q1 have an open plan design that maximises the use of space, exemplified by light colouring throughout which gives the living areas a relaxed glow. With all-weather balconies and air conditioning, residents can enjoy Australia's climate in pure comfort.

432 Park Avenue, New York City

Finally we come to the 'top' of the list with the world's tallest residential skyscraper: 432 Park Avenue, Manhattan. Reaching a height of almost 1,400 feet, it offers 'estate living in the sky', with luxury and amenities that could put the city's wealthy elite to shame.

A distinct feature of the building is the linear 10 feet x 10 feet windows, which flood the interior with natural light. The lightly toned Palladian-style interiors glow in the daytime, though each apartment's motorised window screens can quickly create a more intimate ambience. 

If residents are looking for entertainment, the building houses a stunning 75 foot pool, a fitness centre with globally renowned staff, a screening room and even a performance venue!

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