Skyscraper Homes in North America

Skyscrapers characterise the skyline in so many major American cities that it's difficult to limit our favourites to a short list. From the famously vertigo-resident workmen that built the Empire State Building to the incredible number of records set by American architects, skyscrapers are a huge part of America's identity, whether or not you can afford to buy your own place at the top.

Here are some of our favourite skyscrapers in North America!

432 Park Avenue, New York City

The top spot on this list could not go to any other building than 432 Park Avenue, the tallest residential skyscraper on the planet. It stands almost 1,400 feet high and, according to the developers, offers "estate living in the sky".

The entire building is covered in linear 10ft x 10ft windows, flooding the insides with natural light. Residents can enjoy the very peak of high living in New York, with an expertly staffed fitness centre, a screening room, performance venue, library and a 75ft pool, all on site.

The apartment interiors follow a European Palladian style design. The abundant naturally light bounces beautifully off of the light interiors, though the motorised window screens in each condominium can change the ambience in the blink of an eye.

Some of the tower's most luxurious apartments feature a master bedroom suite that comes with an ensuite double bathroom and dressing room. Each condominium also has a customised kitchen, complete with bespoke hardware and fittings, as well as a discreet service entrance.

2 Liberty Place, Philadelphia

Standing proudly in the very classically designed city of Philadelphia, 2 Liberty Place is the epitome of modernity. This high rise reaches an impressive 945 feet into the air and includes both a hotel and shopping mall.

The designers of 2 Liberty Place were determined to make 'the height of luxury' as literal a concept as possible. At the top of the tower sits 'The Sky Club', an elegant social space that connects to an incredibly exclusive 'Owner's Lounge'.

Floors 54 to 57 of 2 Liberty Place contain the 'Penthouse Collection', a set of beautiful 2 to 3 bedroom apartments. The expansive, open design of the interiors create a distinctly spacious environment that contrasts the urban sprawl below. 

The decorations feature beautiful Calcatta marble and Snaidero cabinetry, while the kitchen offers Miele appliances and a top of the range Nest smart-thermometer.

Aqua, Chicago

Chicago's 'Aqua' skyscraper was named for its unique flowing structural style. Named as the Emporis 'skyscraper of the year' in 2009, the building features retail, office, hotel and residential space, all topped off with an incredible sky garden.

While this skyscraper may not be purely for the ultra-wealthy, there is still plenty for residents to do. The building offers its own basketball court, fitness lounge and 25 yard pool, as well as over a dozen other amenities that see residents of all classes living the high life.

Aqua's modern design flows into its many contemporarily designed apartments. Each one offers floor to ceiling walls that provide residents with gorgeous views of the Chicago skyline. The view is not wasted either; thanks to the open planned nature of many of the units, lucky homeowners can look out on the windy city from wherever they are in their apartment.

900 Biscayne Bay, Miami

900 Biscayne Bay rises over the beautiful shores of Miami, giving residents their own place in the sun. High speed elevators climb the building's 63 floors, and with the apartments starting above an attached retail space every resident can enjoy a view of the beach.

One of the most impressive elements of 900 Biscayne Bay is the number of amenities on offer. Residents feel like hotel guests with access to, among other things, a piano bar, full service spa and private theatre room!

The skyscraper's stunning penthouse apartments have glass marble finishes throughout, allowing the abundant sunshine to give the interiors a luscious and stylish glow. Modern living is also emphasised here, with full home automation that owners can access from their smart devices.

The Austonian, Austin

This skyscraper in downtown Austin is tallest residential building in all of Texas, offering a level of luxury that makes it shine like a Sherrif's star. In addition to some incredible apartments and penthouses, the Austonian offers over 40,000 square feet of amenity space where residents can pamper themselves whenever they wish.

The penthouse levels are marketed as 'blank canvases' that residents can customise however they wish. Even at the 'Summit' level, residents are free to bring in their own designers - an extreme rarity in high rise living!