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The original Star Wars hit our screens nearly 40 years ago, making its mark on sci-fi forever. Even now the series’ many iconic moments continue to stick out in our minds; so much so that in 2015 fans finally got what they had been waiting for: a brand new trilogy!

With the release of Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, we decided to take a look at some of our favourite Star Wars themed home decor. Fans from all over the world have created some truly incredible furniture and artwork based on the franchise, showing that even now the force is still strong within us.

Here are some of our favourite pieces of Star Wars home decor!

TIE fighter bookshelf

With the original movies, the prequels and now the sequel trilogy there is a Star Wars for every generation. Any parent who grew up with the franchise knows how special it can be to introduce it to your own younglings and what better way could there be than with a fantastic piece of homemade furniture?

This quaint little TIE fighter bookshelf comes to us from Ashley Grenon, the creative mind behind ‘handmade with ashley’. She built it for her young son, taking pictures along the way to provide a step-by-step guide for anyone who wants to attempt the project themselves.

Ashley wrote: “Since the release of The Force Awakens, whenever I brainstorm new project ideas a Star Wars related idea always comes up! Today’s project just so happens to be another Star Wars themed project; it’s a TIE fighter bookshelf!”

We definitely have to give props to Ashley for this wonderful piece. She already had most of the materials to hand which means she only had to part with “roughly 7 bucks”, which was spent on paint.

“This was great use of some leftover lumber and it’s bringing a bit of much needed order to my son’s book collection,” Ashley continued.

If you want to give this project a try, head over to Ashley’s website to find out how!

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AT-ST Star Wars Cat House

Introducing Star Wars to your kids is one thing, but how about your pets?

This wonderfully detailed imperial walker was made by Roxy’s Dream, an American business which builds customised pet furniture. Choosing an AT-ST for the project certainly makes sense; I mean, if one of these can be taken out by teddy bears armed with spears then the empire would have no chance against a clever kitty!

Creator Barry Bernick certainly seems to have a love of Star Wars. His other work includes a series of character-themed pet feeders (our favourite has to be Darth Maul) and even a cat bed based on Luke Skywalker’s land speeder!

The Facebook page reads: “At Roxy’s Dream we treat your Animals to the finest furnishings that will make them feel like a king or queen. After all it’s their home, you just pay the bills.”

Roxy’s Dream donates 10% of its earnings to local animal charities in memory of the owner’s kitten, Roxy. The company promises “top quality” work “done with love and care”.

Roxy’s Dream AT ST.jpg

R2-D2 Droid Styled Bookshelf

When you ask who the true hero of Star Wars is, the correct answer isn’t Luke, Rey or even Obi-Wan. No, the galaxy’s greatest hero by far is the brave and beepy little droid R2-D2!

Scott Blackwell of WoodCurve built this wonderful R2-D2 themed shelf. The shape is just spot on and the paint job nicely detailed; anyone who has seen the movies can instantly recognise the beloved character.
Curves and quirkiness are definitely Scott’s specialty. Much of the furniture he has designed would look right at home on a Tim Burton film set, but he has also created game-controller themed tables and coat hooks, along with a Mickey Mouse style nightstand.

WoodCurve R2D2 shelf.jpg

X-Wing Rocker

One of the things that we love most about the Star Wars universe is just how much of it is iconic. Everything from Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber to the milk he drinks is recognisable, which is just one of the reasons why we fell in love with this fantastic X-Wing themed baby rocker.

This adorable piece was built by Steve's Wooden Creations and is based on the fighter used by the Rebellion during the iconic attack on the Death Star. The attention to detail here is wonderful: the R2-D2 at the back even pops out!

If your reaction to this was anything like ours, you’ll want to know whether you can get this in an adult size. Unfortunately, Steve admitted to a curious American commenter that he has retired and sold most of his tools. He is also based out of New Zealand, so any deliveries would require “a long flight to the USA without warpspeed.”

Steves Wooden Creations X Wing rocker.jpg

R2-D2 Button Canvas

Star Wars set a new standard for sci-fi movies when it came out. The franchise continues to inspire creativity around the world, from hand-crafted replicas to beautiful button artwork!

This piece comes from BellePapiers, which specialises in button art and calligraphy. Despite having over 500 pieces available, artist Laura Bell still showed an incredible attention to detail with this R2-D2 artwork. The design is hand-made using what must be over a hundred buttons and rhinestones, providing a refreshing take on the iconic droid.

“I use genuine Swarovski Crystal Rhinestones & high quality buttons, both new and vintage,” writes Laura. “I also use various embellishments to make your custom piece totally unique. My button art pieces are incredibly detailed, have crisp edges, and will last for generations to come!”

Laura also offers a hand-painted personal message with each of her creations. This would look right at home in a fan’s bedroom (and it might even convince them to start saving buttons!)

BellePapiers R2 D2.jpg

AT-AT Bunk Bed

While the modern Star Wars movies have some wonderful digital effects, the originals relied more on stunning hand-crafted models and intricately designed sets (seriously, if you have never seen the pictures of the models being made then they are definitely worth a look!)

That stunning attention to detail is recreated here with this jaw-dropping AT-AT bunk bed. The camel-like walkers are instantly recognisable from Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, which saw Luke struggling to bring down the laser-resistant walkers during the Battle of Hoth.

The piece was built by Phil Magnussen of Paranooid Productions LTD. Originally made for his son, this bed is definitely any Star Wars fan’s dream come true.

Speaking to Star Wars New Zealand Phil said: “I wanted to build a unique bed for my son who was 6 at the time. He loves Star Wars every bit as much as I did at his age. I sketched up a few ideas but the AT-AT has always been one of my favourites and the body shape is nearly perfect for a bed, so I quickly picked that design.”

While the bed is hidden from the front, the walker itself is far more than a mere facade. With storage space for action figures, a full sized single bed and even a play area hidden inside the head, this is easily one of the most comprehensive fan projects we have ever seen.

As huge Star Wars fans ourselves we can honestly say that this piece filled us to the brim with giddy nostalgic joy. Phil even went so far as to give the walker an intimidating pose so that as soon as you see it, it stares right back with blasters at the ready.

Better have a cable gun on standby!

Paranooid Productions LTD AT AT bed.jpg

Han Solo™ Carbonite Coffee Table

When you love the Star Wars movies as much as we do, you might find yourself asking the age old question: ‘What if?’

What if Greedo had shot Han in the cantina? What if Obi-Wan had trained Leia instead of Luke? What if Luke and the gang had failed to save Han Solo from Jabba the Hutt?

That last question could well have been answered by Tom Spina, the designer behind this spine-tingling coffee table. Had Jabba managed to hang onto Han Solo, who was frozen in carbonite by Darth Vader, you could just imagine him turning his trophy into a piece like this.

The original desk was built for Grammy award winner Mark Hall, who approached Tom Spina Designs for Star Wars themed furniture. 

Describing the piece on his website, Tom wrote: “The Han Solo section traces back to a casting from the original prop from the Empire Strikes Back, which we encased in a custom metal frame for the desk, which is supported on custom, lighted “carbonite chamber” panels in the classic Star Wars, the Empire Strikes Back style dot-dash pattern. We’ve become known for our unique, themed and geeky take on everyday furniture like desks and coffee tables. Mark eventually put the piece up for sale, and auctioned the one-of-a-kind Han Solo desk raising over $10,000 for charity!”

The table proved to be so successful that Tom was able to launch a second business with a licence to make Star Wars art and furniture officially. As well as ready-to-order replicas of the original desk, fans can also buy such pieces as a ‘Dewback love seat’, based on the creature that first appeared in Episode IV: A New Hope.

RegalRobot Han Solo carbonite desk.jpg