Super Mario greatest tradesman

Mario has been the gaming world's biggest mascot for as long as most gamers can remember. During his time he's jumped, stomped, flown and even practiced medicine, with a library spanning over a dozen consoles. 

The upcoming iPhone release 'Super Mario Run' marks his first foray into mobile phone games, and with the announcement of Nintendo's newest console, the Nintendo Switch, gamers everywhere are wondering what might lay ahead in the tiny plumber's future.

Although everyone knows Mario as Nintendo's star plumber, the moustached Italian has actually worked in a number of trades over the years. Here we'll be taking a look at the evolution of Mario, one of the world's most recognised tradesmen!

Donkey Kong - Arcade, 1981

Mario's first appearance was in the classic arcade game, Donkey Kong. Released years before the NES, the game's protagonist was officially called 'Jumpman', a carpenter trying to rescue his girlfriend Pauline from an escaped ape. 

Donkey Kong was a huge success and was followed a few years later by Mario Bros , which was Mario's first appearance as a plumber. It was ported onto dozens of different platforms and is a blast to play even now!

Super Mario Bros - NES, 1985

The original Super Mario Bros is considered by many to be the definitive home console side scroller, and its influence can be felt even now. 

It introduced many of Mario's most recognisable tools and power ups, as well as the infamously nefarious lizard, Bowser. It was also the first game where Mario could collect 100 coins to gain an extra life, teaching young gamers everywhere that well paid tradesmen are more likely to get the job done.

Super Mario Kart - Super Nintendo, 1992

By the time that the original Super Mario Kart came out, Mario was a superstar with a familiar cast of supporting characters. The Mario franchise had become like a highly rated firm: guaranteed to please!

Super Mario Kart was Mario's first racing game, but it brought more than its fair share of new ideas to the genre, including a number of friendship-ruining weapons. It has since become one of Nintendo's most successful multiplayer franchises!

Super Mario 64 - Nintendo 64, 1996

Super Mario 64 was Mario's big transition into the 3D era. It saw the plumber doing a little home security for Peach, whose castle had been completely taken over by Bowser!

The game had a number of different worlds to explore, with the player having to solve clues and collect stars to advance. With security issues like a garden full of ghosts, never ending staircases and gigantic socialist thwomps, Mario really had his work cut out for him!

Super Mario Sunshine - Nintendo Gamecube, 2002

Super Mario Sunshine had Mario journeying to a tropical island for a vacation, which was unfortunately interrupted by an outbreak of graffiti monsters. Typical! The local police blamed our hero, and thus he was conscripted as a cleaner and waste remover.

The game introduced a superbly useful tool: a talking water jet named F.L.U.D.D. While Mario might not have gotten the vacation he deserved, gamers had a lot of fun using F.L.U.D.D as a jetpack!

Super Mario Maker - Nintendo Wii U, 2016

Released earlier this year, Super Mario Maker had Mario trying his hand as a builder. The game gave players access to a number of items, enemies and scenery from various Mario titles and allowed them to design and share their own levels. 

By the end of May, over 7.2 million courses had been created worldwide!

Super Mario Run will be released for iPhone on December 15th 2016.