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Who else is excited for Avengers: Infinity War?

It has been over a decade since the Marvel Cinematic Universe first began, back before the Avengers ever assembled, and the franchise is still going strong. With a multitude of movies, games and merchandise flooding the market, it’s safe to say that superheroes are everywhere these days, including inside the home.

Pop culture legends inspire entire generations of writers and artists. We at Plentific love nothing more than a well-made passion project, and since the release of the next Avengers film is less than a week away we decided to share some of our favourite pieces with you.

Here are some of the best superhero home decor ideas out there!

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The Avengers Desk - Tom Spina Designs

You might remember Tom Spina Designs from our piece on Star Wars home decor. If you haven’t heard of him yet, we’ll summarise: this guy makes furniture, sculptures and displays that would make any pop culture lover grin from ear to ear!

Strangely enough this desk was actually created for Mark Hall, the same Grammy-winning artist who commissioned the Han Solo desk. Clearly Mark has excellent taste, but he also happened to have a collection of full-sized replicas from the Avengers movie franchise just lying around.

The studio’s solution is a piece which shows off some of the most memorable Avengers paraphernalia, including Iron Man’s helmet, Captain America’s shield and even Hawkeye’s arrows. With all of this together, the desk almost feels like a trophy cabinet for a supervillain’s lair. We can definitely picture Thanos sitting down to go over his plans before the release of Infinity War.

The Tom Spina website reads: “We love to blur the line between props and furniture and we created a mix of display space, work space and simply art. The final superhero desk is a unique combination of display and function, crafted from wood and foam, complete with glass top, decorative metal panels, accent lights and even hidden compartments! Throughout the desk, you’ll find props and nods to characters like Thor, Iron Man and Captain America, Hawkeye, the Hulk and even Nick Fury.”

All in all, this is one seriously mighty desk. Put this in any comic fan’s home office and you’ll be their hero for life!

Image Credit: Tom Spina Designs

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DIY Superhero Canvas - Mod Podge Rocks

Zap! Bam! Pow! These words will bring a smile to any comic fan’s face. Sure, some might call this kind of language a trope, but isn’t that what makes us love it all the more?

This fantastic piece combines the panels of a number of iconic comic books on a single canvas. The cacophony of colour here is breathtaking, making this piece a perfect accessory for brightening up a drab room.

Mod Podge Rocks blogger Amy Anderson used a set of three smaller canvases to allow the bold text to come up and off the page, giving them a real sense of energy and fun.

“I'm a big fan of comic books,” Amy writes on the website. “I'm kind of a nerd, but also I grew up with four brothers. So they were constantly around my house. The funny thing is that I don't actually read them, but I do love the artwork. And I love using them in craft projects. My boyfriend and I recently decided to do something for my loft, so we settled on this DIY superhero canvas craft. And we definitely wanted words on there too.”

Looking over this piece was an absolute delight. While it may not be available to buy, Amy was kind enough to provide a step-by-step guide on how to make something similar. If you are a comic fan, why not combine your own favourite issues to create your own version of this beautiful piece?

Image Credit: Amy Anderson/ Mod Podge Rocks

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Gotham City Wall Decal - StunningWalls

What does every great superhero need? A city to protect, of course!

Honestly, comic book locations don’t get much more iconic than Gotham City. We have seen Batman’s home turf so many times and across so many different mediums that we can recognise it almost instantly, which is just one of the reasons why we love this decal from StunningWalls.

Having art like this on a playroom wall would make it the perfect place for superhero games. The materials used are also eco friendly and non-toxic, making this a safe choice for more cautious parents.

The piece is easy to apply and remove, allowing parents to transform their child’s room in no time at all. Many customers have even customised it with stickers of their own, filling the city with whatever heroes their kids love the most.

Wholly customisable decor, Batman!

Image Credit: StunningWalls

StunningWalls superhero home decor.jpg

Super Hero Mobile - LesPetitesShop

When you are a parent who grew up loving comic books, it’s always a treat to be able to share your favourite heroes with your children!

This baby mobile from LesPetitesShop is simply delightful. It comes complete with five soft Avengers and two logos. We had no idea that Iron Man could be so cuddly!

Each of the featured heroes is hand made with quality materials. The creator even offers to add your own favourite heroes, with other mobiles in their gallery featuring DC heroes and even a few adorable villains!

Image Credit: LesPetitesShop

LesPetitesshop superhero home decor.jpg

Potted Groot - Cosmic Ash Studios

One of the things that we love the most about the Marvel Universe is just how varied it is. We have seen some wonderful and fantastic creatures over the years, including the loveable plant giant Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy.

This great Groot comes from Cosmic Ash Studios, a business with a mad love for pop culture and a breathtaking portfolio of props and costumes. With such incredible work, the quality of this little Groot is no surprise; quite simply, it looks like Groot has hopped right out of the movie and into your garden!

Cosmic Ash Studios told Plentific: "I made this when the Guardians movie was announced back when the first official artwork for the movie came out and being a long time guardians of the galaxy and marvel's cosmic universe, I wanted to make a potted regrowing sapling like when he sacrifices himself for the team (just like in the movie) but in the design from the movie."

While this little Groot might not grow into a giant buddy bodyguard, the piece would make a perfect garden feature (or a great indoor accessory for your next Marvel marathon!)

Image Credit: Cosmic Ash Studios

Superhero home design Cosmic Ash Studios.jpg

Decoupaged comic book table - hatcharthouse

If there’s one thing we love at Plentific, it’s upcycling! This is all about recycling materials to make something truly unique. Given how jam packed with colour your average comic is, they can be absolutely perfect for more artistic upcycling endeavours, just like this beautiful table.

Coming from hatcharthouse, this Decoupaged table has been covered in colourful comic panels. The sheer variety of characters on display is a treat for any Marvel fan. We can definitely picture ourselves whiling away the hours searching for our favourites!

The design of the table itself is rather retro, matching the decade from which the comics come. For an interior designer trying to create an 80s or 90s style sitting room, this table would be simply Marvel-ous.

Image Credit: hatcharthouse

superhero home design hatcharthouse.jpg

Batman vs. Superman Shelf - Robotnia

A great hero needs a great symbol, and there are no two more recognisable superhero logos than the ones belonging to Batman and Superman.

While Batman vs Superman might have divided fans, there is no denying the appeal of this piece. This handmade shelf combines the two logos into one, creating the perfect spot to store superhero toys, DVDs or, of course, comics!

The creator, Robotnia, offers a wide variety of different shelf designs, even offering to build them in any size a customer chooses. Plywood is a nice sturdy choice, as is the acrylic non-toxic paint. Together the materials create a super shelf that would definitely take pride of place in any kid’s bedroom.

Image Credit: Robotnia

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