Survey Names 'Electrician' as UK's Third Most Highly Trusted Profession

The results of a recent survey named 'Electrician' as the third most trustworthy profession in the UK.

According to the survey, which was commissioned by home services marketplace, 66% of us find electricians ‘trustworthy’. This makes electricians three times as trusted as estate agents (22%) and over five times more trusted than politicians (13%).

The survey, conducted by Opinium, asked 2,000 UK homeowners if they found members of 14 different professions to be trustworthy. The Police ranked highest with a score of 70%, closely followed by Gardeners at 69%. Painter/ Decorators (63%) and Plumbers (59%) also ranked in the top five.

Looking at age groups, the over 55’s were by far the most trusting of electricians, with 71% replying positively about the profession. This compared to just 61% of 18-34 year olds and 62% of 35-54 year olds. 


Electricians serve a vital function when it comes to maintaining, improving and even selling properties. When selling or renting a property, the owner must produce a valid electronic performance certificate (EPC). A landlord is also legally obliged to keep the electrical utilities and compliances in a property in good working order.

As such, making sure that your electrician is trustworthy is vital. A faulty electrical re-wiring or installation job can lead to anything from a minor inconvenience to a life threatening emergency!

Whenever you need a qualified tradesman, it is always vital to make sure that your chosen hire actually has the qualifications! An electrician requires a level three electrical or electro-technical qualification, which is usually gained through an apprenticeship, college course or company training scheme.

While some will find this advice obvious, there are still many homeowners and renters that get caught out. For example, several ‘electricians’ claim to have qualified with a short course, but the truth is that very few of these are actually industry-recognised. Even if an electrician claims to be ‘qualified’, it is still worth asking them exactly how.

Spokesperson for Plentific Stephen Jury said: "Lets face it, when you hire a tradesman, you want to be able to trust them. You want to feel safe in the knowledge that they’re verified, have the appropriate qualifications, positive reviews and the relevant insurance for the work they will carry out. All these things are what Plentific values, by giving homeowners details of who they are hiring and being protected by our guarantee.