DIY machines

When we’re bogged down in difficult or tedious DIY, we can often find ourselves wishing that there was an easier way to get things done. Well, they say that necessity is the mother of invention, and home improvement is the mother of all necessities. After all, a botched DIY job could do more than disappoint you; it could also devalue your home!

While the most obvious solution would be to hire a Pro, which of course we are completely in favour of, certain engineers and designers around the world have taken a different approach: robotics! A number of mechanical creations have already emerged, and their potential to transform the worlds of property and home improvements is enormous.

Here are five of our favourite DIY machines!


Robotic vacuum cleaners have been around for a number of years now, and while they aren't yet advanced enough to empty themselves they can still do a great job of keeping your home clear of dust. Nowadays there is a lot of competition on the market, with huge companies like Dyson and Samsung throwing their hats into the ring with newer and more advanced models.

Not only does cleaning take up a lot of time, but I think we will all agree that it is not the most entertaining task in the world. Could we have robots capable of cleaning our homes completely in the near future?


Using a paint roller to paint up and down a wall over and over again seems like a perfect task for a robot when you really think about it.

This 'Interior Wall Painting Robot System' developed by the Egypt-Japan University for Science and Technology does just that. It positions itself directly parallel to a wall, checking the parameters a number of times to make sure it is perfectly placed. It can then added paint to a wall using the roller attached to its extendable arm.

Unfortunately this model is still at an early stage, but with more streamlined capabilities it could make decoration work much more quick and easy.


We have a serious shortage of homes in the UK right now, and everyone is looking for a solution. It is estimated that we will need 200,000 new homes a year by 2020, but how?

Fastbrick Robotics offered a particularly impressive answer in the form of the world's first 3D printed building. It was constructed by Hadrian X: the robot builder that can create a house in just two days!

Interestingly, Hadrian X does not remove traditional builders from the equation completely. While it is an expert at stacking bricks in predetermined positions, the supports, interiors and utilities of a house built by Hadrian X would still need to be handled by tradesmen. It shows how the industry is adapting, with new tools used hand-in-hand with traditional construction.

Tree Surgeon

Trees can take decades or even centuries to reach their full size. While problems like subsidence or disease can make it necessary to remove a fully grown tree, it's always such a shame to do so. People often wish that they could move their trees to a new home instead of resigning them to the wood chipper.

This incredible machine made by ArborCo is fully capable of digging out a fully grown tree and transplanting it without killing it or causing permanent damage. The digger's blades extend several feet underground, ensuring that much of the tree's roots remain intact when it is scooped out of the ground. The tree is then secured to the digger's van before being taken to its new home, safe and sound.


Gardening is a great hobby, but many of us that take it up find it difficult to find the time to properly care for our plants. This can be particularly bad if you have started a vegetable garden, as your plants could end up dying long before you get a chance to put them on a plate!

FarmBot is a revolutionary and fully automated machine that is capable of planting, caring for and harvesting vegetables, and the software that enables it is completely free! FarmBot can even be programmed to take care of crops that require different conditions within the same bed. 

It's incredible to think of what these FarmBots could be capable of on a large scale!