Upshoot Lets Homebuyers Buy and Build Their Dream Homes

Zoopla is testing a new service from which will allow homebuyers to search for properties based on their development potential.

Like other property-search websites, Upshoot allows users to specify their requirements before generating matching properties that match their budget. However, the ‘clever bit’ about Upshoot is that it also provides results which could meet a user’s requirements with the right home improvement work. In other words, it gives users more choices by offering properties which they can choose to improve themselves.

Cleverest of all, it also calculates the potential cost of said work, making sure that the price of both the property and the improvements fall within the user’s original budget.

According to the company site, Upshoot has collaborated with “award-winning professionals” to be able to deliver information “that would otherwise take months or years to produce.”

The service, aimed towards “saving home buyers both time and money”, also provides information to help users make informed decisions about spending money on home improvements. Each property highlighted by a search will come with a six page report showing which services will be necessary to bring it up to standard, which contractors will need to be hired, a price estimate for the work and even a prediction of the property’s potential value once the improvements have been completed. 

Naturally, this makes Upshoot a potentially invaluable tool for developers. Estate agents, who will have access to a free version of the service, will be able to pay to see reports for local properties on their books, allowing them to pitch them to customers based on their potential. This £15 premium service will give agents early access to the reports, which will become publicly available after a month.

This is not Zoopla's first proptech partnership. Home improvements marketplace powers its 'Find a Pro' service on Zoopla, which allows users to search for the best local tradesmen in their area and post jobs to receive free quotes. The website also offers a number of industry-first features, including the fully insurance-backed 'Plentific Guarantee'.

The Upshoot website is currently in beta mode and only works for properties in Kent, but it is expected to launch and begin rolling out by the end of the week.