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Latest Plentific Press

Cash in hand

Jul 2017

Self Build covered our stats looking at the number of people who have accepted cash in hand payments in order to get a cheaper deal from a tradesman.

Trusted professionals

Jul 2017

Our data focussing on which professions are most trusted was published on Aol.

Plentific announce partnership with Notting Hill Housing Association

Jul 2017

We partnered up with Notting Hill Housing Association and the partnership deal was picked up by top social housing website, 24Housing.

Guide to keeping your home cool in the heat

Jun 2017

Due to the hottest day on record for 40 years, we produced a guide to keeping cool at home that was published on House Beautiful.

Noise levels affecting homebuyer’s decision

May 2017

Our data looking at noise levels that would put homebuyers off was published on Property Reporter.

Bank of mum and dad for home improvements and DIY work

May 2017

Our data looking at parents who fund home improvement projects and help out physically with DIY projects in their children’s homes was picked up in The Sunday Times.

Lego used as home decoration

May 2017

Our creative story looking at how Lego can be used around the home for decoration was a feature piece in the Property section of the Daily Mail.

Bank of mum and dad for home improvements and DIY work

May 2017

Following on from the news about the Bank of Mum and Dad paying for their children’s first home, we expanded on the data looking at how many parents also help to fund home improvements and even get their hands dirty doing some DIY.

Desired tradesmen traits

Apr 2017

We looked at the most desirable tradesmen traits as voted by homeowners, which was picked up by

Ten home maintenance myths

Apr 2017

Our top ten home maintenance myth list was published on Aol.

The new breed of bar that’s built like a home

Feb 2017

The Sunday Times featured our statistics on how many renters pay for home improvements.

Our experts tell you how to save money whether you’re buying a phone or a house

Feb 2017

We were featured in The Sun for our statistics on couples making decisions together on home improvements.

The main thing couples argue over when redecorating may surprise you

Feb 2017

Country Living published our findings on which home improvements couples argue most over.

London property bargains for 2017

Dec 2016

"Plentific offers integrated financial calculators, property listings and a step-by-step home buying guide."

House prices 2016

Dec 2016

Our latest house price index showing what was hot and not in 2016 was published by the Express.

Here’s how to survive a zombie apocalypse

Oct 2016

Unilad published Plentific's go-to locations in the case of a zombie apicalypse.

London property snapped up by overseas investors as domestic buyers pull out after brexit

Jun 2016

We were featured in The Independent for our statistics on Brexit’s impact on homeowners.

Keeping fit around the house: How many calories do you burn doing DIY?

Jan 2016

Our findings on the number of calories burnt doing DIY was published by BT.