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6 Darnaway Street, Edinburgh, EH3 6BG
About Us

We have offices in Edinburgh and Glasgow, both among thriving communities of built environment professionals. These surroundings help contribute to an ongoing sense of excitement in the company about our work as engineers.

We have nine staff in total, who together bring extensive experience to bear, both in the design office and on site. We have been involved in numerous award-winning projects, some of which can be viewed on our portfolio pages. We all share an enthusiasm for projects regarded as out of the ordinary but also for giving more routine projects the attention that our clients expect.
AED has various interesting specialisms, but these exist as part of a wide skill base. We think this broad perspective is necessary for overall success. As part of this outlook, we do not promote one building technology over another. We prefer a pragmatic approach, where each form and material is employed for the natural advantages it offers. As a result, our work tends to naturally lead to elegantly optimised hybrid structures.

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Steel beam calculations
Structural engineering design / calculations
Subsidence / underpinning inspection
Structural inspection / appraisal
Residential building control