Research Plus Design

Plymouth, PL6 8BX
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Three houses on a hill

Research and Design directed the initial strategies and designs for a residential complex of three houses on a hill for a local family.

The project was located on a steeply sloping site with access and cost issues. The brief included a main two bedroom house with external hotspring ensuite bathing, wine cellar, garage and two two bedroom houses situated around a central courtyard.

Driving down into the valley visitors see roofs among the lush landscape - the homes clinging to the mountainsides are expressed primarily by how the roofs relate to the landscape. Visitors arrive at this home overlooking copper roofs that have a green weathered patina.There are views out through a cherry orchard to the sea beyond. The walls incorporate a Taiwanese stone vernacular construction.

The entrance vestibule leads down a feature internal /external stair that traces the fall of the existing hillside. Private
bathing areas are under the sky and fed via the natural hotsprings. Vernacular materials and traditional Taiwanese forms of
design were explored as well as the possibility of phased development for the site.