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Are you looking for a local structural engineer in Oxford? If you are planning a big home improvement project, then chances are that you will need a structural engineer to make sure that your home stays standing. However, finding your ideal candidate can be a huge job in itself, and if you are short on time then you could end up hiring someone without knowing if they are right for your project.

Luckily, you can find a top notch structural engineer in no time at all with Plentific. The Plentific website can find the best structural engineers in your local area, or you could simply post your job to have them come to you with custom quotes! There is no pressure involved, so you can take as long as you like to discuss your project and compare your options. Every job booked via Plentific will also be covered by the Plentific Guarantee.

A local structural engineer in Oxford can quote for jobs in and around the area of Blackbird Leys, Cowley, Littlemore, Rose Hill, Cutteslowe, North Oxford, Park Town, Walton Manor, Summertown and Wolvercote.

A structural engineer’s job is to understand, calculate and maintain the structure of a property. They are usually called in to work on larger home improvement projects, such as renovations and extensions, to make sure that the work will not leave the property structurally unsound. For example, they could provide steel beam calculations, perform a structural appraisal or provide a structural engineering design.
There are two key rules that will make your search for a structural engineer much easier. First of all, do not rely too much on national averages when trying to estimate your costs. Tradesmen always charge regional rates, which means that a structural engineer in Oxford will charge differently to another elsewhere in the UK. To give yourself a clear picture of the average cost to hire a structural engineer in the UK, try to collect quotes from at least three different potential candidates.
The second rule is that you should not assume that an ‘Oxford structural engineer’ will service the entire city. Tradesmen will not take jobs that are too far away from where they are based, and so a candidate based around Northfield Brook might not accept work in the Wolvercote area, and so on. Start by focusing your search locally, and do not be afraid of asking your neighbours for a recommendation. If they have had work done recently, they might have the number of a top notch structural engineer!
When trying to choose a structural engineer, you should always make sure to screen your candidates based on qualifications and reviews rather than price. A structural engineer will usually have completed a university or postgraduate degree, followed by on the job training and, in order to qualify. Several candidates may also have completed additional courses recognised by the Joint Board of Moderators (JBM). ‘Chartered’ structural engineers are particularly well qualified and highly experienced, though they can also charge higher rates and can be overqualified for smaller projects.
Checking the reviews of your candidates is about more than looking over the quality of their work. Reviews can also give you a good idea of how a candidate behaves on the job: are they polite? Do they turn up and get their work finished on time? Are they happy to answer questions about their job? If you are still unsure about your candidates, you can always just ask your questions directly! Their response could be all that you need to tell if they will be a good fit for your project.
One last thing to check when looking for an Oxford structural engineer is that they have the proper coverage. Poor work done by a structural engineer can be disastrous for a property, which is why all of your candidates should have an active professional indemnity insurance policy in place.

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